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High Negative Pressure Smoke Purifier

High Negative Pressure Smoke Purifier

product details

  • Product parameters


    Usage:    Dry, oil-free and corrosion-free fume gas produced by automatic welding, grinding and cutting is suitable for robot welding station. PLC control can realize remote control.

    Product Profile

    Moland High Negative Pressure Fume Purifier is a dust removal equipment specially designed for dry, oil-free and corrosion-free fume produced during welding, cutting and grinding. High negative pressure welding fume purifier adopts high pressure fan with wind pressure greater than 10 kPa, which is different from ordinary purifier.

    Product characteristics

    · -in-one structure, flexible and convenient to move

    · DC brushless motor, Schneider electric control

    · High suction and low noise

    · Anti-backdraft device to make the effect of ash cleaning more thorough

    · remote control port to realize automatic linkage

    · Fan speed is adjusted by potentiometer to adjust suction

    · Power supply condition monitoring: alarm for breaking fault phase, overvoltage and undervoltage to prevent motor and electrical       components from being damaged

    · pneumatic condition monitoring: alarm of low pressure of gas source to prevent incomplete ash cleaning, differential gauge to visually   show the use status of filter element, automatic pulse back blowing of high pressure difference