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Grinding table

Grinding table

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    Product Profile

    The negative pressure generated by the fan enters the purification equipment through the side outlet and the lower outlet. The airflow enters the diversion channel. After the collision between the large particle dust and the diversion plate, the large particle dust falls into the ash collecting drawer under the action of gravity, and the fine particle dust enters the filter chamber. The dust-containing gas passes through the filter core through the outer surface of the filter core. Dust is blocked on the surface by the filter element. When the blocked dust deposits continuously on the surface of the filter element, the dust particles deposited on the filter element are separated from the surface of the filter element and fall into the ash collecting drawer under the action of vibration through the pulse automatic back-blowing system, so that the whole surface of the filter element is swept, and the purified air is cleaned by the air duct and the air duct. It is discharged by fan.

    The grinding table can be designed and manufactured flexibly according to the characteristics of dust produced by actual grinding and the size of workpiece. It can also add automatic ash cleaning and explosion-proof devices to improve the performance and application scope of the equipment.

    Product characteristics

    · A guide plate is arranged at the air inlet of the suction platform to prevent dust from directly impacting the filter element, thereby   prolonging the service life of the filter element.

    · The fan adopts high efficiency centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable operation.

    · In order to prevent noise pollution, noise reduction treatment is adopted for fan.

    · It integrates workbench and dust removal function, and removes dust directly at the source of dust production.

    · Compact structure, small occupancy area, dual or multi-station simultaneous operation.

    · The filter media can be selected according to the dust nature of the users to meet the needs of dust removal of different properties.

    · The filter cartridge has long service life, stable performance and convenient replacement.

    · There are suction vents on the bottom, front and top of the worktable, which can effectively control the dust dispersion.

    · A new type of low-noise fan is equipped to keep the air intake constant and the noise is lower. It can guarantee the operator's       physical and mental health.

    · Pulse back-blown automatic ash cleaning can ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition.

    · Drawer-type dust collecting box ensures quick and convenient dusting.

    Product parameters