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Laser Cutting Smoke and Dust Purifier

Laser Cutting Smoke and Dust Purifier

product details

  • Standard Configuration

    · Integral structure, beautiful appearance, small area;

    · Anti-suction device, more thorough cleaning effect;

    · Power supply condition monitoring: alarm for broken phase overvoltage and undervoltage to prevent motor and electrical components from       being damaged;

    · Pneumatic condition monitoring: The alarm of low pressure of air source prevents the automatic pulse back blowing with incomplete dust       cleaning and high pressure difference

    · Operation temperature monitoring: alarm system temperature is too high to prevent fire

    Applicable working condition

    Workshop centralized dust removal, laser cutting, plasma cutting, profile cutting, turning dust, automatic welding, gas welding, positioning welding, multi-station manual welding, angle grinder grinding dust, grinding wheel grinding dust and other non-oily dust purification conditions.